The Average Superannuation fund returns approximately 5% per annum, over a 10 year period...
You can use your Superannuation to purchase property and earn returns of up to 20% per annum, over a 10 year period...
What are you waiting for?

DID YOU KNOW: You can now take control of your superannuation fund by setting up a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and deciding how your future returement funds should be invested.

At Prestige Group, we have a team of Accredited Professionals who can provide you advice and guidance on the options available to you to invest your super funds into Australian Property, USA Property or any other viable investment vehicle.

When preparing your investment strategy, you need to consider:

  • diversification (investing in a range of assets and asset classes)
  • the risk and likely return from investments, to maximise member returns
  • the liquidity of fund's assets (how easily they can be converted to cash to meet fund expenses)
  • the fund's ability to pay benefits when members retire and other costs the fund incurs
  • the members' needs and circumstances (for example, their age and retirement needs).

Our Accredited Financial Planners and SMSF Tax Accountants will sit with you to explain how the strategy works and the best options availble to you.

It is extremely important that your SMSF is not only set up correctly, but that you manage and run your SMSF according to the law. Failure to do so could cost you thousands of dollars in additional fees later on down the track.

Dont trust just anybody with the set up and management of your SMSF, our team are highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants.

Once you are completely staisfied that this option will increase your Super returns, build for a more comfortable returement, and give you the control you've been craving, then we set to work on implementing your structures on your behalf.

The benefit of Prestige Group Accredited Partners is that the work is done for you... you simply provide us with the "go ahead" and we guide you through the whole process, doing all the paperwork and lodging the required documents with the correct bodies and government departments on your behalf.

Once you've been set up, and your super funds have been rolled over from your existing provider, to your new SMSF Bank Account, it's time to start investing!

Your Prestige Group Consultant will continue to work with you in the years ahead to implement and manage your investment strategy.

It truely is the most comprehensive way to set up your own SMSF and implement an investment strategy that aims to ahceive your desired goals.

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Visit the ATO for more information about SMSF legislation

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