Other Legal Services

We Can Assist with All Legal Requirements

With over 38 years experience, Prestige Group Accreited Partners have a diverse client base ranging from individuals and small businesses, to public companies. We practice in many other facets of the law including:

  • Litigation – commercial, trade practices, building and construction;
  • Intellectual property – copyright, patents and trademarks, passing off protection, injunctions and damages;
  • Insurance – general and public liability, motor vehicle, maritime, occupiers, local government and policy wording advice;
  • Personal injuries – motor vehicle accident, work-related injury, slipping cases and public liability; and
  • Traffic Law – drink and drug driving charges, work licence applications, disqualification appeals, and dangerous driving offences.

Our firm is a “one stop shop” for our clientele. Please feel free to telephone one of our legal practitioners to discuss any legal services you may require.