The main reasons borrowers fall behind on mortgages, and sometimes lose their homes, are the pressures of life: Divorce, Injury, or a Birth or Death in the family.

At Prestige Group, we are determined to provide our clients with the resources and means to protect their most important Assets and their Family.

If you were to lose your job and your main income stream, how would you afford to pay your mortgage repayments and other household bills each month?

Income Protection Insurance can provide a steady source of income in the case that your main income is lost, to assist with mortgage repayments and everyday bills.

Life Protection can assist in the case of sudden and unexpected death, providing either a lump sum payout or a continued income stream for your family, or in some cases, a combination of both.

Prestige Group has aligned with industry leading Financial Planners to assist you devise a suitable risk stratey and impliment now, to avoid having to go through tough times, particularly when you have more impoertant things to worry about.

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