How Colour Can Impact the Value of Property

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Colour can be great when it is used in a complimentary way, but it can also have negative effects if it isn’t used correctly.

Take the house pictured below for example.

This is an architectural designer home set in the Byron hills. As you can see, the house has blue windows, a red roof, and both yellow and blue rendered walls. While this may have been loved by the owners at the time, it caused them great difficulty when it came time to sell.

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The home sat on the market for about two years before a buyer came along wanting to purchase it – at a much reduced price. Clearly, the colours used on the house had a detrimental effect on the value of the property.

I received a call from the new owners, who wanted help solving the colour scheme issues.

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With more than 50 blue windows in the house, it was too costly to change them. So, for this particular project, it was important to choose a colour that helped the blue windows blend in so they were no longer the focal point of the house.

I suggested using tones of grey. I recommended painting the rendered walls pale grey and to bring in a professional roof painter to change the colour of the roof and guttering to a dark grey colour. This was the best option economically, and adding a dark grey feature wall to the balcony would help tie the look together.

Initially, the new owners weren’t sure about the grey tones until they bought some sample paint pots and tested the colour on the walls next to the blue windows, to see the effect. They were convinced this was their best option, so they followed my suggested colour scheme and they love the results.

Additionally, I also added warmth in contrast to the grey colours by staining the timber decks in a rich warm Jarrah tone.

Inside the house, dated interior wall colours were replaced with a modern and fresh colour – Orchid White by Wattyl, which is a soft warm white.

Changing the colour scheme had an immediate impact on the appeal of the home! The owners had the house revalued, and the new, contemporary scheme had increased the value of the property by more than $200,000.