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In it’s current format, the First Home Owners Grant for Victorians purchasing a new property in Metro Victoria stands at $20,000.
From 1st July 2012, this will be slashed to just $7,000.
In order to qualify for the full $20,000 grant, First Home Buyers must enter into a contract to purchase and sign contracts on or before 30th June 2012.
Your Prestige Property Consultant can assist you to source a suitable property and complete the required paperwork to qualify for you Grant.
Contact us today to begin the process and avoid missing out… 1300 732 595 or email <A href=”” shape=rect target=_blank data-mce-href=””></A>
How does five-year capital growth of between 78% and 94% sound?
Read on for a rundown of the top 10 best performing suburbs for capital growth in Melbourne over the past five years.
Is investing in Property thrhough SMSF the right option for you?
Find out how to use your Superannuation funds as a deposit on your new Investment Property and build wealth for your retirement.
Would you like to earn Positive cashflow on properties just 15kms from Melbourne CBD?
Read on for an overview of the NRAS program, how you can take advantage of this scheme by purchasing select properties through Prestige Group.
Available under the NRAS Scheme.
Best Available Apartment:
Purchase Price – $370,000
Stamp Duty – $1,000
Market Rent: $365 per week
NRAS Rent: $292 per week
NRAS Incentive: $9,981 per annum
Total Expected Net Yeild: 4.73%p.a
Weekly Cash Flow: $155 positive
Contact your Prestige Group Consultant to discuss this property, and many others today – 1300 732 595.
The above information takes into account assumption and income data based on average figures and may not apply to your personal situation.
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